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Children X-Ray Services and Lab Work

When you're hurt or feeling sick, it's comforting to know that everything you need for diagnosis and treatment can be accomplished at one location.

In order for us to provide our patients with a comprehensive healthcare experience, The Children’s Clinic of Fredericksburg is equipped with the state of the art digital x-ray equipment and an onsite laboratory.

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Children's X-Ray Services
(Digital X-rays)

If your child has suffered a possible break or fracture, movement and unnecessary delays can add to their problems.

The Children’s Clinic of Fredericksburg provides on-site digital X-ray for fractures, slip and falls, sports injuries, and respiratory problems for fast and reliable results.

Our trained and certified technicians will take and process your x-rays so the proper medical treatment can be delivered immediately. We will even provide those images for you on a CD for any follow-up appointments with specialists.


  • Reduced exposure to radiation

  • Instant results

  • Computer enhanced images for accuracy

  • Images easily transferred to a disc for review by outside specialists

  • Reduced paper work and insurance hassles

  • All X-rays are read by Board Certified Radiologists.  


Pediatric Lab Work

(On Site Labs)

Time is a valuable commodity.


The Children’s Clinic of Fredericksburg has an on-site lab for bloodwork, rapid lab tests and urinalysis.


Whether a test is needed during an urgent care visit or your child needs to have bloodwork done for an annual physical, pre-op physical, College application, specialist visit, the professional team at The Children’s Clinic of Fredericksburg can help. 

Urgent care services do not start and end with a doctor’s office visit. We believe that if lab work is ordered, it should be done in an efficient and accurate way that is convenient to the patient.


That’s why we provide onsite lab services. Having our lab inside our facility allows us to streamline the medical process and deliver results quickly so your child can get the care they need. 


  • Rapid Strep Test

  • Rapid Flu Test

  • Rapid Mono Test

  • Complete Blood Count with Differential (CBCD) 

  • Urinalysis

  • Fingerstick blood sugar test

  • Tuberculosis screening

  • Pregnancy test

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