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Image by CDC

Flu Vaccine

The problem is stark but simple: Flu appears as fever and shortness of breath (SOB), COVID-19 appears as fever and shortness of breath (SOB). Last year, if your child had fever and SOB and felt well, I would say: stay home, get rest and give fluids. You would come in to see me only if your child did not improve.  


With the pandemic, this year I cannot give that advice. I should test everyone with fever and SOB as soon as possible because they may have COVID-19. 


However, we have a vaccine for the Flu (the Flu shot) that we know works. 


By vaccinating ourselves and our children, we decrease the amount of people who get sick from the Flu. This will allow health care professionals to concentrate on caring for kids who get sick from COVID-19.


Getting a Flu shot is now more important than ever.

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