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Allergy Testing Services for Kids

More than 6 million children suffer from allergies, The Children’s Clinic of Fredericksburg’s Allergy Services brings effective and convenient allergy testing and immunotherapy to all children who need care. Under the supervision of the providers at The Children’s Clinic of Fredericksburg and the allergists at United Allergy, our team educates the patients and parents on therapy and its results.  A customized treatment program is developed for each patient to ensure the best possible outcome. 

  • 95% of patients had improved allergic rhinitis scores

  • 82% of patients reported diminished use of medications

  • 88% of patients reported improved Quality of Life

  • 85% of people treated with immunotherapy for hay fever may achieve symptom relief within the first year of starting immunotherapy

  • After 3-5 years of complete immunotherapy treatment, most patients experience little or no allergy symptoms

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